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Family Court and Private Law Disputes

I provide reports in connection with Criminal and Family Court Proceedings. My Family Court work has involved me in ongoing monitoring of parent/child contact arrangements. I have a particular interest in cases where Parental Alienation plays a part.

Within the context of Family Proceedings and Private Law disputes I specialize in instructions relating to the assessment of:

  • Parenting ability, child and adult learning disability
  • Impact of the above and childhood experiences on parenting ability
  • Impact upon the child of parental mental health difficulties
  • Harm suffered by children or risk of future harm with respect to neglect and/or abuse (including emotional, sexual or physical)
  • The nature of a child’s attachment relationships and sibling relationships
  • Therapeutic and support needs of children
  • Parental Alienation.

Case Study Family Law

In the course of her marriage breakdown the mother began to make false allegations about the father’s relationship with his two pre-adolescent children. This involved a claim that there was inappropriate behaviour which was sexual in nature.

The mother eventually sought to have all contact between the children and their father curtailed and in the process the children began to make the most extreme statements about the character of their father which they repeated to any professional who became involved. This involved the writing of letters to various professionals and to the judge.

The father did not have direct contact with his children for over two years and his attempts to speak to them on the phone and send them cards and letters were all rebuffed.

The social services department was heavily involved as was CAFCASS and when attempts were made to re-establish some level of contact with the father, the children became adamant that he was a bad man and they wanted nothing to do with him.

When the professionals attempted to persuade the children that it was in their interest to have some level of contact with their father the children became aggressive and abusive which was completely out-of-character as they were both by nature very cooperative, conforming and polite children.

In an attempt by social services to make a fresh start with the children the original social worker was withdrawn from the case and replaced by another who continued to work with the children to persuade them to have an initial supervised contact session with their father. This professional too was rebuffed and verbally abused.

The judge was aware that the children were under extreme pressure and that this could only have been by the mother and following receipt of a further threatening and abusive report from the children the judge ordered that no further such letters were to be written.

It was agreed that there should be a psychological assessment of the children and both parents and I was instructed to provide a report on the overall situation for the Court.

The children came to see me with the mother, but jointly refused to see me separately so I was unable to carry out my planned assessment. The mother was very guarded but I formed the opinion that she was actively alienating both children against their father.

I concluded that it was a case of parental alienation and that both children were the victims and had been thoroughly alienated against their father despite that there were no findings against him or any evidence of misconduct on his part from any source but the mother.

I wrote a report in which I stated that in my opinion the children were the victims of parental alienation by the mother and recommended that they be removed from her care.

The court eventually removed both children and placed them in the care of the local authority while making preparations to re-unite them with their father. There was to be a longer-term plan to re-introduce them to their father.

John Hall – May 2014

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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