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Assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (Asperger's Autism): Social Understanding/Social Communication problems

Difficulties with social understanding and social communication and the problems that can flow from such difficulties can have far-reaching consequences for the individual's relationships and their success in education, the workplace and life more generally.

Such difficulties are usually present in marked degree in those who have a pervasive developmental disorder on the autism spectrum (Asperger's/Autism).

We have extensive experience in assessing and working with autistic people in schools, colleges and universities and also within the workplace and the criminal justice system.

Despite an undoubtedly increasing awareness of this spectrum disorder and its consequences there remains a substantial lack of understanding in many areas of the service system and in society more generally.

Assessing for ASD

We have many years experience assessing individuals who experience autism spectrum difficulties. We use the currently agreed criteria for identifying this spectrum disorder and in recommending appropriate support provisions. Many children and adults will have additional difficulties that tend to be associated with a diagnosis of ASD (specific learning difficulties, problems with language and communication, differences in sensory processing and fine and gross motor control etc.).

It is not unusual for us to see children with ASD whose difficulties have not yet been identified by the statutory services or where despite a parent raising concerns nothing has been done.

Children with ASD usually require a Statement of their Special Educational Needs and careful consideration needs to be given to the kind of school they attend and the support provisions they require.

Our approach to assessment is very broadly based and because of our extensive knowledge of the service system, we are able to anticipate the likely level of success of certain kinds of additional assessment and placement. Prior to carrying out the assessment you will be asked for detailed background information. In the case of a child, this will involve school and any other professional reports that may exist. You will also be asked to complete detailed pre-assessment questionnaires designed to elicit background information. Extensive assessment will follow.

Recommendations will be made for support in school or the workplace.

Where the individual's difficulties arise out of problems in the workplace or in their contact with the criminal justice system our approach is informed by many years of experience.


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